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Product description HJC I-70 Karon MC-5 Helmet

HJC has launched a new affordable motorcycle helmet, the HJC I-70. This full-face helmet in the Sports-Touring segment is the successor to the HJC IS-17. The I-70 has a great fit and is more compact than the IS-17. Because of the compact fit it feels great to ride with this helmet. You almost forget that you have a helmet on. Thanks to the ACS ventilation system, the helmet offers optimum ventilation. These are the benefits that can often only be expected with helmets in the higher segment. And particularly, ventilation is something that really needs to be functioning well, to benefit from that nice summer breeze during a ride. The outer shell of the I-70 comes in 2 sizes. It is nice if a helmet has several shell sizes, because you then have a more compact helmet that weighs less. It's nice to ride with a compact shell, because it looks better. This silent lightweight helmet has been tested in HJC wind tunnels. This helmet is suitable for eyeglass wearers because space is created in the lining for the arms of the glasses. This ensures that there is no pressure on the arms of the glasses and therefore on the head. The eyeglass wearers among us know exactly what this means and how great it is that this has been taken into account. Furthermore, the helmet is prepared for a communication system. At HJC they have made space in the helmet in order to integrate the communication system. This ensures that you as a rider see no parts of the intercom and that you are ready in no time with its installation. The I-70 has an internal sun visor that is very easy to operate with a slider on the left side of the helmet. The renewed pinlock-prepared outer visor offers a very wide view, and the visor is vertically extended.

Safety HJC I-70 Karon MC-5 Helmet

The outer shell of the helmet is made of advanced polycarbonate. A super strong lightweight material. There is nothing like a helmet that feels nice and light. The helmet is equipped with an internal sun visor which contributes to safety on sunny days and when the sun is low. With one movement you slide down the glove-friendly slider to keep the sun out of your eyes. The outer visor offers an extremely wide view and is increased in length, which contributes to safety on the road. It is nice that the visor is vertically extended, because this makes it possible for you to keep a good view of the road in different sitting positions on the motorcycle, both in tour and sports position. The helmet has a simple and safe ratchet quick release. This closure is easy and quick to adjust to the right size.

Ventilation HJC I-70 Karon MC-5 Helmet

The ventilation in the helmet is of excellent quality. The air intake vents do not give heat and humidity a chance. From the ventilation air channels, the cool air moves into the helmet and takes heat and humidity along through the air exhaust vents at the back of the helmet. Think of those hot summer days and long journeys. Then it is very important that you feel that cool air flowing past your head and keep your head literally cool. 

Lining HJC I-70 Karon MC-5 Helmet

The Supercool moisture wicking interior in the I70 helmet is removable, washable and antibacterial. The material quickly absorbs moisture and also dries up quickly. The removable and washable cheek pad and liner allow you to adjust the fit to your personal preference. The cheek pads fit in different sizes of the helmet. Each head is different, and it is very nice that the pads are adjustable, so you can adjust the inner lining to make it "customised" to your head.

Visor HJC I-70 Karon MC-5 Helmet

The outside visor is anti-scratch, anti UV radiation and pinlock prepared. The pinlock lens is included for free. This is something you do not often see in the entry-level models, hats off for HJC! The (Vision Plus 10 mm) visor has an optimal width and height for an even better view. The visor closure has been renewed and according to HJC it is more durable than with the predecessor. The internal sun visor runs over the entire width of the outer visor. The glove friendly slider of the anti-scratch sun visor is moved down to the left, compared to the predecessor. Furthermore, the internal sun shield is adjustable to three different positions and very user friendly. This sunshield deploys and retracts quickly and easily. The helmet is also equipped with the Rapidfire II visor mechanism. This mechanism makes it possible to easily and quickly change the visor without tools. This is super easy and convenient. Unfortunately, with other brands it sometimes happens that a person receives a new smoke visor and is confident about changing the visor themselves with the use of tools, until suddenly you get a ... crack! That hurts! With the smart visor mechanism of the I-70 you will not have this problem.

Features HJC I-70 Karon MC-5 Helmet

Type of helmet: Full Face Helmet
Material of the shell: Polycarbonate
Outside visor: Max Vision Pinlock prepared
Closure: Adjustable micro quick release
Inner lining: Removable, washable, moisturizing, antibacterial, quick-drying, breathable, soft and comfortable
Helmet shell: Comes in 2 sizes
Ventilation: ACS Advanced Channeling ventilation System, Dual air intake with tuning on top of the helmet and multiple input on the chin.


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