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Scientific Advisory Board

Marc Saint-Onge, Orthotherapist, Naturopath

Marc has dedicated over 30 years to fulvic minerals education and formulation, launching fulvic acid to the forefront of natural health conversations worldwide.

In addition to being an orthotherapist and naturopath, Marc is also a kinesitherapist, reiki master, holistic practitioner, herbalist, aromatherapist, triggerpoint master and massage therapist. Marc is CEO, owner and product formulator at Black Oxygen Organics.

Dr. Steven Petrosino, Ph.D., MACAM, MARHP Expert

Dr. Petrosino graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Doctorate in Nutrition from Lasalle University and holds a Ph.D. in Public Health at Walden University. He was an Adjunct Professor of Nutrition at LaSalle University; member of the NIH Committee on Cardiovascular Disease; member of the American Heart Association Council on Nutrition; member of the American Preventive Medical Association and a scientific member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine.

Dr. Petrosino has served as a Principal Clinical Scientist and Medical Science Liaison with Centocor OrthoBiotech, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, and as a consultant and specialist in Degenerative Diseases with Aventis Pharmaceuticals. He is currently employed as a Senior Medical Science Liaison with Human Genome Sciences, Inc.

Ted Aloisio, Live Cell Microscopist, Blood Analyst, Author

Ted is certified in nutritional microscopy and electrodermal testing. He has authored three books, Blood Never Lies, Blood Never Lies 2, and Quad 3: The No-Rules Way to Optimal Health and Weight. He is currently the director of a prestigious natural health institute in Toronto.

Randy Vroon, Health Tester, Holistic Practitioner – RCHealth4Life

Randy assesses health balance in the physical, emotional, spiritual and energy systems of the body, and has been testing clients since 2010.

Applying a non-invasive energy technique for analyzing body health, Randy specializes in pioneering indexes for vitality by integrating significant aspects of several holistic testing disciplines.